Our Story

Fitness LuvsMe Inc was established in Atlanta, Georgia, in March 2018. This project is our first outreach to the youth in the Metro Atlanta area. We are finding an increase in youth who are either overweight, obese, or unfit and who have little knowledge of Health and Wellness or any awareness about Fitness. We plan to provide Health and Wellness educational information, Total Body Fitness workout routines, and Social Services for the youth who are in need of a physical wellness program.



Non profit board of directors in Atlanta

Founder Board Chair

Ria Shannon

Responsible for overseeing the administration, programs, and strategic plan of the organization.  Provide fundraising, marketing, and community outreach responsibilities.

Photo of Board Member

Board Vice Chair

Janiya Sherman

Recruiting/Mentoring young girls into the program. Responsible for operational activities and setting strategic goals. Also serves as an interim Fitness Coordinator.


Photo of Board Member

Board Secretary

Monique Kincaid

Responsible for administrative reporting, utilization oversight, organization, and Board record keeping. Also serves as the program outreach coordinator.

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Board Treasurer

Denise Bennett

Motivational leadership expert with vast understanding of investments, operational, regulatory, taxation, and financial reporting.
Responsible for organization financial management and reporting.

Tracking Our Journey

Funds raised and counting
Volunteers signed up to help with our program
Girls successfully completed the program

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